The Best Neighborhoods in Farmington Hills, MI

Farmington Hills is an amazing place to live, with several amenities and perks that attract more people every year. It is located in Oakland County, one of Michigan’s most upscale neighborhoods. It is also one of the suburbs of Detroit. This means that you are close to major cities and their attractions.

Why move to Farmington Hills, MI?

This small suburb in southeastern Michigan is a beautiful place to live, with a natural setting to relax. For more practical reasons, there are several large and small companies that offer jobs for all ages. Royal Oak, for example, is a much larger town that is just minutes from the town of Farmington Hills, MI.

There are several other reasons people choose to make a home in Farmington Hills, MI. To learn more, you can start with everything you need to know about downtown Farmington Hills.

Best neighborhoods in Farmington Hills, MI

An aerial view of single family homes on suburban streets


There are different zip codes in Farmington Hills, with some being more desirable than others. These are mainly found in the southeast region of the small town. If you are looking for affordable homes for rent near Farmington Hills, MI, take a look at the southern regions.

You might find that real estate prices in farmington hills are more expensive than the national average. However, the highest housing prices are also usually found in the best neighborhoods. Wondering what it is? LetTake a look at some of the best neighborhoods in Farmington Hills today:

1. Clarenceville: Relatively cheap, but a unique experience

Real estate prices in this neighborhood are higher than about a quarter of all US neighborhoods. It’s a suburban neighborhood that isn’t as expensive as some of the other top options in Farmington Hills.

Most of the real estate here consists of small to mediumunique sizefamily houses and apartments. There is a fair mix of tenants and owners, with residences being on the older side. Many of them were built between the 1940s and 1969. For older residences, you can read the history of Farmington Hills, MI.

Why choose this neighborhood

Overall, this is one of the best neighborhoods for students and families with school-going children. It has high walkability, below-average crime rates, and ranks above Michigan’s top college-friendly areas. However, most people still drive to work, so you’ll want to have your own vehicle.

This neighborhood is also known for its diversity, both ethnically and linguistically. However, most people living here still speak English as their primary language.

2. Muirwood Drive or Ravine Circle: High Rent, Upscale Living

This Farmington Hills neighborhood has more expensive real estate prices than most neighborhoods in Michigan, as well as the entire United States. The rental cost is also quite high, which is understandable given the urban environment of the location (see: cost of living in Farmington Hills, MI).


Accommodation options here consist mostly of small to medium-sized spaces, ranging from studio to 3 bedroom apartments for rent in Farmington Hills, MI. Most residents are tenants, with many residences built between 1970 and 1999 (fairly recent). There are also several newer residences, but finding a vacant spot can be very difficult.

The segment interested in this neighborhood

There is a very high percentage of college-educated adults in this neighborhood. Over 75% of adults here have at least a 4-year bachelor’s degree. Compared to the national average of 32.9%, that’s quite an achievement.

Their occupations

The occupations of residents here mainly include leadership and management positions, as well as several professionals. This ensures that the atmosphere here is more upscale and refined than most other neighborhoods in the United States. Small businesses can probably do well here if they provide high-quality niche products.

3. Park Lane Street or Green Hill Road: the executive lifestyle

Median real estate prices here are more expensive than most Michigan neighborhoods. However, this place is still a bit cheaper than the Muirwood area.

These suburban neighborhoods in Farmington Hills consist primarily of small to medium-sized apartments, as well as single-family homes. A decent mix of tenants and owners occupy these homes while the residences are also a mix of old and new construction.

Vacancy rate

There is an above average vacancy rate here, which could be good news for those looking to live in Farmington Hills. However, it could also signal a drop in demand for real estate in this area.

Most of the adults living in this neighborhood are wealthy individuals, with stately homes and comfortable lives. You will find this option better if you are in a well-paying active position yourself.

4. Wood Creek Farms: Upscale Neighborhood

The price of real estate in this neighborhood is more expensive than most neighborhoods in Michigan. This is also an average rate compared to US neighborhoods in general.


You can find medium to large single-family homes, as well as townhouses with similar capacities. Most residents here own the house they live in, indicating that a majority of fairly wealthy families live in this area. Most families also have three, four or five cars. There is still a good diversity with the main languages ​​being English, Urdu, Spanish etc.

Vacancy rate

The residences here are older, but are also well established. You will find that the vacancy rate is quite low, so there might be some difficulty finding accommodation in this area. However, there are several small businesses around for employment and entertainment opportunities.

5. West 12 Mile Road or Gettysburg Street

This neighborhood also has real estate prices that are quite expensive compared to the state or national average. Once you’ve read everything you need to know about living in Farmington Hills, Michigan, you can consider living in this suburban neighborhood.

Housing Options

There are mostly family homes and medium to large townhouses here, indicating that this is a family neighborhood. Most residences are owner occupied. The structures are mostly established, but not very old. The vacancy rate is quite low, which tells us about the strong demand for housing on Gettysburg Street.

Takeaway meals

While Farmington Hills is a safe place overall, its better neighborhoods are the best options for those who want the best lifestyle possible. Crime rates in the above neighborhoods are quite low, while small businesses are likely to thrive.

Whichever neighborhood you choose, Farmington Hills will always be a great place to live. If you’re paying a visit for a home visit, be sure to check out some of these top places to see in Farmington Hills, Michigan!

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