The Best Neighborhoods in Salt Lake City

One of the most family-friendly cities in the west, Salt Lake City has more to offer than many realize. While it is not an extremely large city, it is certainly not small – and it is growing. A lot.

It is slowly becoming a new hub for tech companies, creating an abundance of jobs and drawing crowds from out of state. Although people are pouring in, rental prices have gone down last year and you can usually find a one bedroom apartment for between $ 1,200 and $ 1,300.

With prices like this, there’s no better time than now to find the perfect Salt Lake City neighborhood for you.

Sugar shack in Salt Lake City.

Photo source: Apartment guide / 21 and view

Sugarhouse offers the best of everything: a quaint suburban atmosphere, plenty of fun and independent restaurants, and has an eclectic vibe. Not to mention it’s near the mouth of Parley’s Canyon, making it easy to find nearby hikes or hit the slopes of Park City.

It is also a very safe neighborhood which is why there are so many people still looking to relocate to Sugarhouse. There are many parks, including Sugarhouse Park, which has plenty of grass fields, pavilions for public use, basketball courts, and a pond.

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The avenues of Salt Lake City.

The Avenues is a fairly affluent neighborhood, home to many historic buildings and homes built in the 1920s and 1930s. Even though it’s a bit more expensive here, it’s for good reason.

It has old world charm, but with dynamic new residents who have breathed new life into the neighborhood over the past decade.

The neighborhood is safe and beautiful and it is easy to walk to area restaurants and shops.

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Salt Lake City.

Downtown is in the middle of it all, it really is the heart of Salt Lake City. There is a good mix of old and new, with historic sites and beautiful architecture.

There is also plenty to see and do, whether you want to try a great restaurant or shop in the huge City Creek Mall.

You can walk to most places, but you also have the TRAX and FrontRunner trains which will not only get you around the city center, but quickly take you to other outlying parts of the valley (and you don’t don’t have to deal with traffic).

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Capitol Hill in Salt Lake City.

The area surrounding the State Capitol building, aptly named Capitol Hill, is one of the most desirable neighborhoods. Not too far from the city center, you are close to endless entertainment.

As the name suggests, it sits right on top of a hill that overlooks the entire Salt Lake Valley for some of the best views you can get. Plus, one of the favorite local activities each year is walking among the cherry blossoms that line the Capitol building.

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Yalecrest in Salt Lake City.

Photo Source: Apartment Guide / The New Broadmoore

Safe, diverse and historic are three words that perfectly describe Yalecrest. Here you’ll find amazing homes – many larger Tudor style homes that make you feel like you’re in another century.

You’re right next to plenty of trendy restaurants and food markets, not to mention you have both Sugar House Park and Liberty Park nearby.

A simple stroll through the Yalecrest neighborhood is a treat – the mature landscaping and exposed timber beams of the houses never get boring.

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Salt Lake City of Wasatch Hollow

Source of photos: Redfin / 1838 E Kensington Ave

Wasatch Hollow is like many other suburbs in the city. It’s quiet and fairly safe, but there is a diverse crowd of residents to set it apart from other neighborhoods.

Many young families are settling in the neighborhood because it is close to grocery stores and good schools. While not quite Yalecrest, full of beautiful Tudor-style homes – it’s close enough with fully mature tree-lined streets and well-maintained homes.

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Central City of Salt Lake City.

In Central City, you’re about as close to downtown as you can get without actually being downtown. The age of the region is easily noticed, but in a good way.

Expect a mix of old historic houses from different eras and architectural periods and plenty of restaurants with decades of history, as well as new bars and cafes.

The neighborhood attracts many young professionals who work downtown and don’t mind having a little less square footage to live in. Even with smaller accommodations, Central City’s distinct indie vibe is well worth it if you’re looking for interesting everyday life.

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Rose Park in Salt Lake.

Although it did not always have a good reputation, Rose Park is now a booming neighborhood. It’s a fairly peaceful and quiet neighborhood that is experiencing a revival – more and more people are flocking to it.

Couples and young families make Rose Park a younger neighborhood. More and more restaurants are opening to accommodate the crowds.

Soon, the area is expected to be one of the liveliest in the valley.

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Eastern Bench in Salt Lake City.

Set in the mountain hills east of the Salt Lake Valley, you will find East Bench. This neighborhood is full of single-family homes and well-established senior residents.

Most of the houses are large and spacious here – unlike many other areas in the lower valley with smaller, crowded streets.

There aren’t any grocery stores or malls in the East Bench area, but there are plenty nearby, so you don’t miss out on anything important.

Although far from local amenities, the view from the neighborhood is exceptional.

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Poplar Grove in Salt Lake City.

Photo source: Apartment Guide / Cornell Street Apartments

One of Salt Lake City’s largest neighborhoods, Poplar Grove is located just east of downtown. And like some other neighborhoods, it has seen new life in recent years.

It has maintained a diverse demographics over the years which is part of what makes the neighborhood great. Being so close to the city center means there is no shortage of things to do, restaurants to eat, and shops to explore!

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In People’s Freeway, you’ll find it’s packed with dining and casual activities. Smith’s Ballpark is in the neighborhood, where you can see the Salt Lake minor league baseball team, the Bees.

Most residents of this neighborhood live in apartments or condos, which have attracted more young professionals and young couples, rather than whole families. And the neighborhood caters to those young professionals and couples – with plenty of relaxing bars and affordable restaurants, it’s easy to meet new people at the same stage of life.

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Fairpark in Salt Lake City.

Fairpark, given its name for this neighborhood’s fairground, is a truly eclectic area of ​​Salt Lake.

Filled with great ethnic cuisine, Fairpark offers some of the best Mexican and Asian restaurants in town. In addition, if you like to cook cultural dishes at home, there is a surplus of ethnic markets, so you can buy whatever you need for authentic dishes.

Fairpark is close to the city center, but a little quieter. We still have the impression of being in the city but in a lesser known area. You are away from the hustle and bustle of the big city and can explore this hidden gem of a neighborhood in peace.

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Liberty Wells in Salt Lake City.

Full of restaurants, cafes and bars, the Liberty Wells area attracts some of the most interesting and eccentric people in the valley. Most are young professionals, so it’s no wonder the region retains a vibrant atmosphere.

There isn’t too much traffic and you can walk to most places in Liberty Wells. Local businesses offer everything from handmade postcards to imported cheese – you’ll always find something interesting and unexpected around every corner.

If you want to meet new people, this is one of the friendliest areas where you can have a drink and chat with almost anyone.

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Bonneville Hills in Salt Lake City.

Bonneville Hills is your typical suburb – quiet, safe, and beautiful in its own right.

With excellent K-12 schools in the area and the University of Utah nearby, many families, students, and young professionals enjoy living in the neighborhood.

There are parks around every corner and you are minutes away from many hikes and canyons, so there is no shortage of outdoor activities right outside your front door.

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Glendale in Salt Lake City.

Founded during WWII, Glendale is one of the friendliest neighborhoods you’ll find. Its close sense of community attracts families and couples looking to settle down for a while.

With such an engaging community, Glendale brings a lot of diversity, mixing Hispanic, Polynesian and Native American cultures, along with many others.

Plus, it’s one of the more affordable neighborhoods near the city center, which certainly doesn’t hurt.

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Which area of ​​Salt Lake City is right for you?

There are so many wonderful neighborhoods in Salt Lake City that it’s hard to choose where to live. Whatever neighborhood you draw in, you are sure to find that Salt Lake is a wonderful and diverse city that you will quickly integrate into.

Then check out Salt Lake City apartments for rent or houses to buy to start your move!



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