The Best Places To Get Moving Boxes And Other Supplies In Boston

Moving can be exciting. This is when most people have a chance to make a fresh start with a new job or new places to explore. But it can also be difficult because there is so much to coordinate whether it is a long distance move or a short distance move. Living in a big city like Boston makes things even more complicated. You have to juggle a lot of things, from a short-term move because you’ve found a great apartment and don’t want to miss your chance to land it, to handling city traffic while driving your belongings from home. current to new. and find movers available on your preferred moving day.

What will help in most cases is to stay organized. You need to come up with a clear moving plan and stick to it – as cliché as it sounds – and that will make your move to Boston a bit easier.

We’ve put together some packing tips that will help get you started on your moving plan. An important aspect of moving – probably the most important – is decluttering and packing your belongings. The process usually takes a lot of time and effort, so make sure you have all the moving boxes and packing supplies you need on hand when you get started. You don’t want to go out on Saturday night to buy boxes and packing tape, especially if the next day is moving day!

here are the key the moving supplies you need to pack your belongings safely:

  • A variety of moving boxes

You will need about 10 small to medium moving boxes for each room in your home, plus a few wardrobe boxes for hanging clothes and maybe a large box or two for oversized items. You also need a few extra durable boxes, or even wooden crates, for heavy items like books or dishes.

Whether it’s bubble wrap, wrapping paper, old newspapers, or even your own laundry, you need materials to protect fragile items before you put them in boxes. In addition, you need stretch film to protect your furniture and appliances during transport.

Obtain good quality duct tape to properly seal your moving boxes – you certainly don’t want the contents of the moving boxes to spill during transport. Additionally, you should have labels and markers – be sure to write on each box the room it belongs to and a short list of the items inside. This will greatly facilitate the unpacking job.

Now that you know what to look for, here’s where to buy moving boxes and other moving supplies in Boston – or even get them for free!

1. In self-storage facilities

You will likely need personal storage during the moving process, as this is a good way to keep the pressure off the move. Put away what you use less frequently and take what you need most with you first. A standard 10 × 10 storage unit should be enough to store the contents of a 2-bedroom apartment. Self-storage costs in Boston vary from around $ 160 per month for a standard unit. If you need more space, a 10 × 20 storage unit rents for around $ 260 per month. Not only do self-storage facilities keep your belongings safe while you prepare your new home, most of them also sell moving supplies. We’ve listed some of the best Boston self-storage facilities where you can pick up moving boxes as well:

This storage facility offers a variety of unit sizes for your belongings, including vehicle storage, and it also sells moving supplies. You can pick up small, medium and large size boxes, wardrobe boxes, mattress bags, sofa covers, tape, bubble wrap, etc.

This LifeStorage installation offers unit sizes starting from 5 × 10 up to 10 × 25, so whether you have only a few boxes to store or the contents of a large house, you can find the right unit size for your needs. Boxes and moving supplies are available on site and you can either have them delivered to your home for free or pick them up at the establishment with a 20% discount!

This additional storage space facility offers a good selection of unit sizes, including air-conditioned storage units, as well as warehouse units for oversized personal effects. And, of course, you can also buy moving boxes and other supplies.

2. Rent a Box at Save box

Box Save is a great service available in Greater Boston that allows you to rent your moving boxes, instead of buying them. The boxes are plastic, have lids (so no tape is required), have sturdy handles, are easily stackable, and labels are included. Empty boxes can be delivered to your old home and picked up at your new location. Besides convenience, this service has another advantage that it is environmentally friendly, as the boxes can be used over and over again, reducing the need for cardboard boxes that people can only use once or twice. .

3. In home improvement stores

Most home improvement stores, such as Home Depot or Lowe’s, carry a wide variety of moving boxes, including specialty boxes you need to protect fragile items like your mirrors, TVs, kitchenware, etc. . Home Depot also sells moving kits which basically contain everything you need to pack your belongings, from boxes to protective materials, packing tape and more. When you buy moving boxes from home improvement stores, the good news is that you can return unused ones, limiting waste.

4. At local moving companies

If you decide to hire a moving company to help you through this process, ask them about moving boxes and other supplies. Some companies include these supplies in their price quotation, while others sell them as a supplement. Make sure you find out if the moving supplies are included in the price offered by the moving company – you might be tempted by an affordable price only to find out later that you actually need to buy the boxes. All the boxes and supplies to move an average two-bedroom house cost around $ 200 – keep this in mind when requesting quotes from moving companies.

5. Look for free moving boxes in supermarkets and other stores

Supermarkets like Star Market or Roche Bros. offer their empty boxes free of charge to customers who need them. Some have large bins where they place the boxes for everyone to get, while in other cases you have to ask the store employees. Ask if they have crates to spare as well – many supermarkets get their apples and other produce in wooden crates. They are sturdy and very useful for carrying heavy items like books or dishes, so it would be nice to mark some if possible.

6. Look for moving boxes online

Look for people who have recently moved and want to get rid of their boxes. From Craigslist to social media and local online forums, you’ll likely find posts from other Bostonians who would be happy for someone to come and pick up their old boxes. Moving is expensive, so saving a few hundred dollars here and there really makes a difference.

Do you have any other moving tips and tricks you would like to share to make life easier for those who are considering taking the same route as you? Share them in the comments section!

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