The Sherwin-Williams 2019 Color of the Year


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Cavern Clay is Sherwin-Williams 2019 Color of the Year, and we’re already falling in love with the possibilities. This warm and unexpected terra cotta is a colorful chameleon with endless decorating opportunities. Cavern Clay seems to fit the heart of Southwest decor (which is making a comeback this year!). Combined with muted colors like blue, tan, and even pink, the Painted Desert shades can be realized in your home décor.

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Orange room

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“American Southwestern is not the only inspiration for Cavern Clay,” says Sue Wadden, Sherwin-Williams director of color marketing. “We believe 2019 will be a revival of the 1970s, with a twist. Next year, we will embrace our pioneering spirit and artisan ingenuity. Our 2019 color of the year, Cavern Clay, embodies renewal, simplicity and the free-spirited bohemian style. ”

Sherwin-Williams Cavern Clay can be more than an accent wall color. Although muted, Cavern Clay is sharp enough for an entire room with the right lighting and accent colors. A rich terracotta paint color is the perfect palette for all types of wood and natural surfaces, but of course you’ll want to give it a try in your home before you commit.

How to use Sherwin-Williams cave clay in your home:

  • Cavern Clay is a classic color for entry doors. This rich, warm shade makes a stunning backdrop for a door or porch wreath decor.
  • If you’re not ready for Cavern Clay on every wall, your ceiling might be the perfect spot. Choose a room where a dramatic ceiling color can make a statement, such as a hallway or dining room.
  • Don’t listen to rumors that accent walls are out of style this year; They will always be in style, and Cavern Clay has just the right amount of warmth and drama.
  • Your dining room isn’t the only gathering space that can handle bold color; Sherwin-Williams Cavern Clay can bring instant warmth and comfort to your kitchen.

Each year, Sherwin-Williams not only names a Color of the Year, but also provides innovative color palettes that will inspire the coming year. (Cavern Clay is part of the Colormix Color Forecast for 2019, found in the Wanderer palette.) This impressive master palette is divided into six themes for 2019, each with its own story:

The shapeshifter palette


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The Shapeshifter palette is the answer for all of us who love cakes, but have yet to find a way to incorporate them into our homes. Shapeshifter’s subtle pastels are paired with anchor colors to moderate the palette. This sweet color combination is all about balance and creating a space that is truly “you.”

Sherwin-Williams says: “There are those who always seem a little ahead of their time. Visionary and creative, this palette reaches the cosmos and returns with a whole universe of inspiration. Atmospheric colored drops, based on deep, dark blues, capture the unique space between technology and spirituality. “

Wanderer’s palette

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The Wanderer color palette is a natural backdrop for all your favorite treasures. Natural materials and works of art blend seamlessly in this relaxing palette. Cavern Clay, the color of the year 2019, can play a starring role on your walls or as a perfect splash of warm color.

Sherwin-Williams says: “Some spirits can never be fenced off. They need to soak up the blue of the infinite horizon and the subtle earthy colors of the high plains and desert. Sun-drenched and warm, this palette can be seen in the fired clay cannons, worn leather and woven wool blankets from the true New West. “

The Aficionado Palette

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The Hobbyist palette signals a return to color. Neutral colors are still popular, but deep colors join them in many palettes today. The gorgeous smoky shade of Blue Charcoal or the rich Grandiose Gold are more than accent colors when you choose the right lighting and accessories.

Sherwin-Williams says: “Devotees of the best of life appreciate the worn, the personalized and the rare. Like a bookcase of leather-bound classics, this polished palette evokes nostalgia and timeless tradition. With copper and gold anchored in merlot and deep dark gray, these custom shades make everything feel flawless, tasteful and elegant. “

The enthusiast palette


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Lovers of the eclectic style rejoice – Sherwin-Williams’ Enthusiast theme is everything you’ve been craving in one color palette. These iconic and energetic colors work seamlessly with each other, tempered with a neutral or two for balance.

Sherwin-Williams says: “There are those who do not know the meaning of ‘less is more’. Passionate and eclectic, they have the vocation to be unique. They embrace the details and create worlds that steal scenes and burst with beauty. The proof is in this palette that features striking touches of vivid colors, maximum impact and a lot of energy.

The naturalistic palette

Natural color living room

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The Naturalist theme of the Colormix Forecast 2019 is natural without being boring. Reminiscent of the lush color palettes of the 1970s, the fresh spring green plays with the Eros Pink for a charming and updated color scheme.

Sherwin-Williams says: By walking barefoot through the garden, nature lovers are instantly connected to the wonder of the world in full bloom. With roots in the forest, the colorful tendrils of this palette grew in greenhouses and greenhouses until they turned into these lush and sophisticated hues. From mushrooms to lush green to passionate floral pink, now they have found a place where they will never fade. “

The narrator’s palette

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The Raconteur palette is about finding beauty in our experiences and environments. The colors collected from our shared stories create a soothing and meaningful backdrop to our favorite décor.

Sherwin-Williams says: “From ancient sagas to today’s motivational speakers, we love our storytellers. With colorful stories, they summarize our own nature and remind us of how we are all connected. Past from grandmothers, merchants and nomads, the stories traveled the world, gaining art, until we have translated them into a rich and mern palette that encompasses space and time.


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