Top 13 Coolest Cities in the USA for Summer

After the cold of winter and spring, the higher temperatures of summer can be a welcome change. But depending on where you live, the summer weather can easily go from deliciously hot to sweltering and sweltering. If you’re looking for a cool respite, check out these 13 cities with mild summers. Not only do they make great cool-weather vacation spots in the summer, you might find that one of them is the perfect new town to call home.

1. San Francisco, California

While Southern California is known for its hot summers, the further north you go, the cooler it gets. Summer might just be the best time to travel to San Francisco with temperatures averaging in the mid-60s in June, July, and August. If you fall in love with San Francisco while visiting, why not consider a more permanent move? When you live here, you’re near beautiful San Francisco Bay and close to top restaurants, shopping, wineries, and scenic beauty. You can also brag The best New Year’s Eve party in San Fran and the amazing public transport.

2.Seattle, Washington

Seattle summer weather averages around 65 degrees windy. Despite the rainy days, residents of this great western city enjoy its natural beauty – it’s surrounded by mountains and water – and its abundance of things to do. Residents can hang out at the hippest cafes by day and experience exciting sporting events, clubs and restaurants on cool summer evenings. And as one of best american cities for datingSeattle is a great place for singles.

3. Portland, OR

The average summer temperature in Portland is 67 degrees, allowing residents to get outside and enjoy the outdoors, including near Mount Hood. Not quite ready to part ways with this uniquely beautiful city after your visit? Fortunately, Seattle is one of west coast cities offering the best value for renters. As a Portland apartment dweller, you can continue to enjoy all it has to offer year-round and discover some of the many reasons why the city’s slogan is “Keep Portland Weird “, including The Naked Bike Ride.

4. Buffalo, New York

Not all cool towns are on the west coast! This eastern city sports an average net temperature of 69 degrees in the summer. Plus, there are so many exciting things to do and see outdoors, including the famous Buffalo Zoo, Delaware Park, and the Buffalo and Erie County Botanical Gardens. And if you decide to stay past the summer, you can catch a Bills game or two during football season.

5. Milwaukee, Wis.

Wisconsin might not be on most vacationers’ wish list, but Milwaukee is a wonderful city to visit in the summer. The average temperature of this northern city is 70 degrees in June, July and August. These lower temperatures allow residents and visitors to get out and see the Bronze Fonz, St. Josaphat’s Basilica, the Harley Davidson Museum, and more.

6. Denver, Colorado

The Mile High City is a comfortable 71 degrees all summer long. Residents love seeing the Denver Broncos training camp, visiting the Denver Zoo, and hiking/biking in the mountains surrounding the city. (Psst! Are you a fan of Seattle and Denver? We’ve weighed the meals and activities for you in Denver vs. Seattle.)

7. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Surprisingly, Pittsburgh sees temperatures around 71 degrees throughout the summer. Residents enjoy the city’s many historic sites, as well as the Phipps Conservatory and Andy Warhol Museum. Pittsburgh’s Top Attractions attract countless visitors each year – and some visitors decide to make their stay more permanent after experiencing all the city has to offer.

8.Boston, MA

This large waterfront city enjoys a cool 71 degrees in June, July and August. Residents of apartments here enjoy rowing, walking, and biking — especially in the Boston Commons area — and visiting the New England Aquarium, the Freedom Trail, and a number of other historic sites. Moving to Boston? here are the first five places you must visit!

9. Minneapolis, Minnesota

Minnesota is known for its cold winters, so it should come as no surprise that cities like Minneapolis are also cooler in the summer. The average summer temperature in Minnesota hovers between the 80s and 70s, allowing Minneapolis residents to get outside and enjoy great shopping, restaurants, parks, and more. Minnehaha Park, with its beautiful scenery and waterfall, is one of the best places to visit.

10. Hartford, Connecticut

Hartford is a cool 71 degree wind in the summer allowing apartment residents to get out and spend a lot of time outdoors. Whether you decide to live in Hartford or just go there on a trip, you can visit the Harriet Beecher Stowe House, the Wadsworth Museum and other sites. Plus, they can spend time at Elizabeth Park, Silver Sands State Park, or the Essex Steam Train and Riverboat.

11. Bar Harbor, Maine

This northeastern city offers some of the mildest summers with the average summer temperature in Maine typically peaking at 70 degrees. Enjoy a beautiful coastal summer full of outdoor activities like biking, kayaking and water cruises. The best of all? You have easy access to beautiful Acadia National Park. You can also take thrilling ghost walks and stroll through peaceful museums. There is something for everyone in this city!

12. South Lake Tahoe, California

Looking for one of the best cool weather summer vacations? South Lake Tahoe offers plenty to do. Summer temperatures tend to stay in the 70s and 80s, but even on hot days you know you can quickly cool off in the beautiful lake. Spend a day paddleboarding on the lake, listening to the sounds of nature on a hike, or taking in beautiful bird’s eye views of the lake on a gondola ride at Heavenly. The city also offers great nightlife, and you can cross the state line to Stateline, NV to visit the casinos.

13. Fairbanks, Alaska

Alaska is a state not to be overlooked during summer vacation, and Fairbanks keeps it cool with average temperatures staying in the 70s. Let your inner story speak with the Fountainhead Antique Auto Museum or a gold panning tour, or take advantage of the great outdoors with a river boat tour. You can even experience dog sledding despite the lack of snow in summer!

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