Top 5 Key Features to Look For in an Apartment Gym

The concept of training has evolved considerably in recent years and not only because of the pandemic. Widespread access to information and an increased focus on wellness are two other reasons that have helped transform the fitness industry and the way we view physical movement. But how do all of these changes translate to the design and amenities that tenants can find in their building’s fitness centers?

On-site gyms and fitness centers are commonplace these days. Specifically, according to a RentCafe report, nine out of 10 apartment buildings offer some type of gym or fitness facility. With the gym frenzy spanning more than half a century, it’s easy to see why the expectations of fitness fanatics (and gym-goers alike) have risen so high. Fortunately, providers have kept pace, even when it comes to gyms located in apartment buildings.

It goes without saying that no one expects an apartment gym to offer the same services and facilities as a top notch subscription gym – yet the era of the community basement without window with some treadmills started. Here are the top-notch features you should expect to see in an on-site gym, especially if you’re moving into a newly built apartment.

1. Natural light

If you have any experience as a gym goer and have been to more than a few gyms, you know that natural light is in short supply in many fitness centers – even more so in gyms located in older apartment buildings, which are usually space and design constrained. But that’s changing — most modern apartment communities include fitness centers with floor-to-ceiling windows to let in natural light. This simple design concept was purposely ignored by many top gym brands, apparently.

Top 5 Key Features To Look For In An Apartment Gym

However, with the science of light increasingly impacting wellness decisions, it is now known that bright light, whether artificial or natural, increases our energy levels. And that’s what you want your gym to do for you (among other things, of course), right? That’s why natural light is moving from the most underrated type of light for indoor gymnasiums to the most sought after. Just think of a treadmill placed in front of a large window, allowing you to soak up the sun and maybe even beautiful views while you sweat out your bad vibes.

2. Diversified equipment

A treadmill and a weight rack will no longer do. Rowing machines, stair climbers and Peloton bikes are all the rage now, while infinity ropes, dumbbells and TRX equipment are rapidly gaining popularity. In fact, the fitness industry has exploded in recent years thanks to social media and many now know different types of workouts and want to replicate them in the gym. As a result, hip equipment and resistance bands are no longer so rare next to the more “traditional” equipment you would expect to see in a gym.

The layout of the gymnasium is also directly related to the diversity of training. These days, most gyms have a space dedicated to functional training, where you can move around freely. In order to get it right and make sure it meets the needs of today’s gym rats, many developers hire consultants or partner with well-known fitness brands to help design the best apartment gyms.

3. Technology

We live in an age of technology, so it’s only natural that technology is also available in your apartment gym. Whether it’s in the form of online classes, smart equipment, or, for ultra-high-end gyms, wearable device integration, technology isn’t something that can be overlooked – not when the most gym users are. Millennials and Zoomers. These two generations represent 80% of gym goers and expect an integrated and seamless experience when they go to the gym. That means they’ll probably want to watch the same trainer online as they do at home, or they’ll want to be able to sync their fitness tracker with the equipment they use at the gym.

Top 5 Key Features To Look For In An Apartment Gym

Simulators are another state-of-the-art facility in some apartment gyms, especially in more upscale buildings. These machines allow you to play a virtual game of golf, baseball or other sports. Sure, you’ll have more fun playing the real thing, but a simulator could be a great addition to your apartment gym on a rainy day when you’re just not ready for that 8k run. .

4. Wellness facilities

While most people go to the gym to get their heart pumping and get back into their best shape, sometimes (perhaps now more than ever) you just need to do some form of exercise to relax or just clear yourself out. the mind. Developers have for some time been more interested in wellness and wellness facilities in gyms, which is why many new luxury communities also offer saunas, steam rooms, massage rooms, landscaped outdoor spaces or yoga studios.

If wellness is at the top of your list but your budget steers you away from luxury apartments with fancy gyms, there are other features you might want to consider when moving into a new apartment. lease. For example, some apartment gyms offer an outdoor living room to breathe fresh air and relax or a meditation room. Both are good ways to pause and reflect, which is a key process for improving your well-being.

5. WiFi

Wi-Fi is ubiquitous these days – and apartment gyms should be no exception. It might even be the last incentive for residents to come in and practice. Listening to the music you love, tracking an online workout, connecting your gadgets to gym equipment are just a few of the great reasons why you should expect free Wi-Fi in your gym.

6. Guest Access

This could be tricky, as guest access is rare in apartment gyms. The reasons why property managers prefer to limit access to “residents only” are obvious and include better control of any potential damage or to avoid security risks. However, we often need an extra push to start working out – and that push can come from someone we know but who may not live in the same building. Having a workout partner is just the right motivation, so you might want to ask who’s allowed in your apartment gym before you sign your lease.

Top 5 Key Features To Look For In An Apartment Gym

Some fitness centers allow clients for a fee or via a digital code. This usually requires the guest to provide personal information, which helps gym staff know who is visiting the premises and maintain security.

A few other things you might want to consider when looking for fitness centers in apartment communities are group classes, lots of mirrors on the walls (if you’re just starting out, you’ll understand why they’re needed after a few visits), a snack/snack bar and, above all, friendly staff. All of these features have the potential to enhance your experience.

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