Washington, D.C.’s Best Neighborhoods for Renters

Living in the nation’s capital can be both exciting and overwhelming, depending on how it feels to live in the same city as the US president. However, Washington, DC is one of the fastest growing and fastest growing cities in the country, and anyone who decides to relocate here can expect to find nothing short of a housing crowd.

While the capital has become more expensive and competitive over the past couple of years, there are plenty of options for those looking for an apartment to rent in Washington, DC, so here are the top 10 neighborhoods for renters in the area.


    • Number of apartment buildings: 32
    • Number of apartments to rent: 5930
    • Average rent: $ 2,503
    • Average apartment size: 770 square feet
    • Median age: 33.9
    • Share of tenants: 50%

Navy Yard is the former US Navy shipyard and munitions plant. In fact, it is the oldest US Navy coastal establishment in the country. And, as the Yard continues to serve as the navy’s ceremonial and administrative center, it has also become one of the capital’s hottest areas.

Located on the southeast side of the capital, Navy Yard overlooks the Anacostia River. Over time, and with the interest of locals, commercial and residential areas began to increase. Specifically, The Yards, a 42-acre mixed-use development, led the expansion in the neighborhood. Navy Yard is also home to beautiful parks, pedestrian streets, businesses, and plenty of social activities to make life here safe, relaxing and fun.

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Place du Mont Vernon

    • Number of apartment buildings: 51
    • Number of apartments to rent: 8233
    • Average rent: $ 2,481
    • Average apartment size: 801 square feet
    • Median age: 31.8
    • Share of tenants: 63%

Mount Vernon Square is ideally located in the center of the hustle and bustle of downtown Capital. It is also home to the Walter E. Washington Convention Center, a popular international attraction, as well as a wide assortment of shops and restaurants. The famous Carnegie Library, a historic Fine Arts building, is also located in the neighborhood.

In addition, Mount Vernon Square is full of leisure areas, upscale hotels, bars and restaurants, convenience stores, shops and modern apartment buildings – all surrounded by the historic sites of this central location. -City of DC.

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Dupont Circle

    • Number of apartment buildings: 215
    • Number of apartments to rent: 26,690
    • Average rent: $ 2238
    • Average apartment size: 760 square feet
    • Median age: 31.6 years
    • Share of tenants: 60%

One of DC’s most sophisticated neighborhoods, Dupont Circle is home to a wide variety of bars, shops, and museums, as well as the famous 17th Street stretch of gay businesses. Cosmopolitan district by nature, it is the social place of all those who live in the capital. Here there is something for everyone, from art to food to coffee. Those who live in the neighborhood can also attend the Sunday Farmers Market, although people from all over the city make their way to enjoy a day in this neighborhood.

Dupont Circle tenants can also find modern apartments in historic buildings, making living in this vibrant area much more convenient.

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Columbia heights

    • Number of apartment buildings: 323
    • Number of apartments to rent: 8,989
    • Average rent: $ 1,614
    • Average apartment size: 809 square feet
    • Median age: 34.6
    • Share of tenants: 59%

A diverse and welcoming neighborhood, Columbia Heights, located in northwest DC, is a perfect blend of grand and humble historic buildings. It is also one of the most densely populated neighborhoods in the capital with a dominant Hispanic influence. This multicultural vibe contributes to a friendly and warm feeling throughout the neighborhood, making those who live here feel safe and welcome.

From large businesses to small family restaurants, tenants can find it all here. There are also plenty of outdoor spaces, which are great for bikers, picnickers, and families, making Columbia Heights a great option for those considering relocating to the area.

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Foggy background

    • Number of apartment buildings: 25
    • Number of apartments to rent: 4,410
    • Average rent: $ 2,440
    • Average apartment size: 735 square feet
    • Median age: 22.8
    • Share of tenants: 66%

One of the oldest neighborhoods in the Washington DC area, Foggy Bottom dates back to the late 18th and early 19th centuries. Named after the fog that naturally lingers in this part of the Potomac River, Foggy Bottom is home to some of the world’s most famous cultural and diplomatic buildings. Hotels, restaurants and bars are all found in this waterfront district, which also includes the John F. Kennedy Center for Performing Arts, the IMF and the World Bank. Here you’ll also find the south end of Rock Creek Park, DC’s 2,100-acre green space, making it the perfect place to work and live.

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Logan’s Circle

    • Number of apartment buildings: 147
    • Number of apartments to rent: 20,564
    • Average rent: $ 2,297
    • Average apartment size: 726 square feet
    • Median age: 33.2
    • Share of tenants: 64%

Residents and tourists alike find Logan Circle the perfect neighborhood to embrace hot restaurants, trendy decor, high fashion, and live entertainment, all in historic architecture. It takes its name from the traffic roundabout where turn-of-the-century townhouses face a circular park that houses a statue of John Logan, a Civil War general. This neighborhood is the perfect place for young adults. Specifically, with many restaurants, shops, bars and a vibrant nightlife, this growing neighborhood allows its residents to enjoy life in a fun, safe, unique and historic environment.

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Woodley park

    • Number of apartment buildings: 53
    • Number of apartments to rent: 8,746
    • Average rent: $ 2,120
    • Average apartment size: 773 square feet
    • Median age: 38.5
    • Share of tenants: 57%

Woodley Park is the greenest place in Northwestern DC, giving its residents access to the outdoors without giving up on city life. Namely, it is home to the Smithsonian National Zoo, home to the city’s famous giant pandas, as well as Rock Creek Park, the perfect place to run, bike, picnic, and observe breathtaking waterways.

This neighborhood is also the place to go to escape the summer heat while enjoying historic architecture mixed with a modern vibe of restaurants and sidewalk cafes. As such, Woodley Park is a popular area for families and animal lovers alike, as those who live here have access to the outdoors right in their backyards.

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Adams morgan

    • Number of buildings: 68
    • Number of apartments for rent: 8113
    • Average rent: $ 2,188
    • Average apartment size: 679 square feet
    • Median age: 33.6 years
    • Share of tenants: 62%

One of the most culturally diverse neighborhoods, Adams Morgan is known for its bustling, bustling and relaxed atmosphere. With plenty of options for restaurants, shops, gyms, and bars, residents of this neighborhood never have to think too much about what to do in their spare time. Plus, the nightlife here is the most popular in the DC area, and with dining open 24/7, you can literally enjoy a full day, from morning to morning.

The historic townhouses around 18th Street also provide great, unique housing options for those considering relocating to the area. There are also many newly built residential complexes available for those looking for more modern accommodation.

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Fort Totten

    • Number of buildings: 66
    • Number of apartments to rent: 4037
    • Average rent: $ 1,714
    • Average apartment size: 748 square feet
    • Median age: 36.6
    • Share of tenants: 43%

Quiet and residential neighborhood, Fort Totten is located on the district’s border with Maryland and is home to a middle-class suburban community. Although quite close to the city center, this neighborhood has not been affected by the bustle of the urban downtown area. As a result, it’s a comfortable, safe, and friendly neighborhood that is home to both single-family homes and modern apartment complexes, making living here a great option.

The neighborhood is also under development, with a number of grocery stores, a children’s museum, and even an upcoming food hall. Residents can easily navigate their way into the city via the metro station bearing his name, while still living outside of the central business district.

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Colonial village

    • Number of apartment buildings: 215
    • Number of apartments for rent: 14125
    • Average rent: $ 2,102
    • Average apartment size: 833 square feet
    • Median age: 32.9
    • Share of tenants: 66%

Located in the northwestern part of Washington, DC, Colonial Village was originally built in 1931 with 80 properties with colonial-style architecture (hence the name). This quiet suburban neighborhood is filled with rebrick single-family homes, surrounded by tree-lined streets and Rock Creek Park along its north, south, and west edges.

Colonial Village also allows those who live here to be close to the city, without feeling like they are living in the city. Therefore, this friendly and safe community makes it a great place to settle down and raise a family. Additionally, although it is residential, this area is ideally located for shopping, dining and entertainment to be within walking distance.

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