Washington DC Self Storage Helps When Moving There and Afterwards

Washington DC attracts many Americans who want to advance their careers, but moving can be stressful and the accommodations may not be as spacious. Self-storage comes to the rescue, making the moving process easier and then providing space for things that you can’t keep at home. It can also help maximize your DC lifestyle, by fitting any recreational gear you need as well as your car.

Moving to DC – or relocating to the city – would be an important event in life, and self-storage helps ease the worry by providing a safe place for personal belongings during the process. Newcomers may not be able to afford as much living space as they are used to, but you can put things you don’t need every day in a local storage unit in Washington DC. It can pay off for others as well, as the city has a wide variety of storage options. People already established in Washington can rent a storage locker to make the most of their life there, seeing it as an extension of their living space – it can even open up local recreational opportunities that they didn’t have. not previously considered.

According to Yardi Matrix dataDC’s self-storage sector currently offers residents approximately 5.3 square feet of space and growing. It’s less than what some places offer but still more than in the biggest cities in the country – New York, Los Angeles and Chicago. At the end of 2020, the average rent for a house without air conditioning 10’x10 ‘storage locker in Washington was $ 147. That’s above the national average of $ 118 but less than New York and major cities on the West Coast.

Moving to DC can be profitable and self storage can help

DC has a relatively strong and stable economy, and it experienced substantial population growth of 17.29% between 2010 and 2019, higher than any of the 10 largest cities in the country. The good news includes Amazon’s decision to build a massive facility employing 50,000 workers right over the Potomac River – take a look at Arlington, VA, self-service if you’re based there. Research found that Maryland was the home state of most newcomers to Washington – 12,735 of them in 2018 – and their costs were around $ 3,200 to $ 3,500 for moving an average home from 2 bedrooms. Some moving companies also offer storage services. Costs in the district tend to be offset by high average salaries.

You might be lucky enough to move to Washington or to better accommodation in the city, but you’ll want the process to go smoothly. Self storage can help. If you are staying with friends when finding an apartment, putting your belongings in a storage unit until you get the hang of it would save you a lot of trouble. The same goes for buying a property that you want to renovate and decorate before you move in. You may like this arrangement and want to continue renting the unit after you have settled in. And if you decide to do some renovations later on, your storage locker is a great temporary home for items like furniture.

DC living space can be small but self storage maximizes it

Adequate living space can be an issue in the district. the median size of new homes built in Washington DC in 2019 was 2,190 square feet. This is an increase of 336 square feet from those built in 2010, but much smaller than the new homes in Chicago, Los Angeles and Seattle, which are 3,330, 3,296 and 3,217 square feet respectively in average. The situation is similar for apartments, with those built in Washington in 2019 having 737 square feet, overtaken by cities like Jacksonville, Florida, and Houston and Fort Worth, Texas at 987, 937 and 921 square feet, respectively. In addition, the new DC apartments lost 87 square feet between 2010 and 2019, the equivalent of a small bedroom.

Self storage is a great asset for Washingtonians with limited space. You can keep seasonal items there such as winter clothes and maybe books and boxes of papers – an air-conditioned unit is recommended for these. Buying in bulk is a way to save money, and there are many household items that can be stacked in your storage unit. If you stock items that you will need regularly, you can choose a facility that offers 24/7 access and is located locally or on a route that you drive regularly. Self storage is much cheaper than residential space per square foot, so using it as an extension of your home means you can live in a smaller place and have fewer issues balancing your budget.

Self-storage helps Washingtonians maintain a healthy lifestyle

Washingtonians need a break from work, and outdoor activities are good if you’ve spent a lot of time indoors. The city has plenty of options, many of which allow for social distancing, although of course you should always check for the latest lockdown restrictions. A lot of golf has been played in the USA in 2020, but instead of letting your clubs take up valuable space in the apartment, collect them in a storage unit, for example in this additional storage facility over the road at north of the Blue Mash Golf Course in Laytonsville.

DC might be inland, but there’s plenty of water nearby, from kayaking on the Potomac River to launching personal watercraft at Anacostia Park. Within an hour’s drive from Sandy Point on Chesapeake Bay, you can enjoy beaches and boating, while two hours away the Atlantic coast offers windsurfing, camping and hiking. Fishing is a popular sport in many places. Bulky surfboards and camping and angling gear can be kept in a small self-service locker near the house – for example, at the U-Stor facility centrally located on New York Ave NE , which has units as small as 3’x5 ‘for $ 31 $ 40 per month. The Cube Smart facility on the route to Sandy Point has 10 ft x 30 ft units for boats and trailers.

You will probably want a vehicle to take advantage of all that DC and the surrounding area has to offer. But with limited living space, not everyone has a garage, and parking in town can cost considerably over $ 200 per month. This secure self-storage facility in the north end of town offers secure storage of 10 ‘x 20’ vehicles for $ 129 per month. Self storage operators say they are see more VR these days, motorhomes are more and more popular as vacationers prefer to travel with people they know. A wide range of vehicles can be stored at this additional storage facility in the city’s northwest, with units the size of a garage at $ 251 per month and some as large as 20’x30 ‘.

Kayaking and paddle boarding on the Potomac River

Washington DC, with its good job prospects and good wages, can offer you a good deal in terms of work and play. Moving to the city is made easy with careful planning that includes renting a free warehouse. And the price of accommodation can be managed by using a storage unit as an economical overflow for some of your belongings, especially those that are only used on weekends or in certain seasons. Discounts may be available at many DC storage facilities, so don’t be afraid to ask. Many Americans have made self storage a vital part of their lives. And Washingtonians, whether newcomers or long-time residents, can use it to help them balance their budgets, have less crowded family lives, and make the most of all their city has to offer. .

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