What Furniture Do You Need for an Apartment?

Moving into a new apartment is exciting, but there’s definitely a lot to do! Unless the place is already furnished, one of the main apartment essentials is furniture.

How to start choosing furniture for your apartment

You may already have a first apartment checklist in progress. So, first see which items are the need of the hour. If this is your first apartment, you may have a long list of items to purchase. For most people, a first apartment also means that they have to save as much as possible.

If you’re already moving out of an independent living space, chances are you’ve got the basics – a bedframe, low table, dinner table, nightstandand other the essentials of the apartment. Even if you’re moving straight from your parents’ house or a dorm, chances are you’ll have a few items, like a toaster oven, throw pillows, etc.

Once you have your first apartment checklist, start crossing off the things you already have. After that, list the furniture according to their priority. For example, having a shower curtain and a coffee table is probably more important than decorative pillows.

How to get more furniture for your apartment on a budget

woman shopping in mall

The process of finding an apartment is quite difficult, but what if you don’t have much to put into it? These bare spaces barely make your apartment feel like home. It is therefore essential to obtain furniture.

Hit the thrift stores

Your local thrift store can be a treasure trove for many first-time apartment essentials. It might take a bit of effort to browse the range of items, but chances are you’ll find something at a throwaway price.

Find local garage sales

You might be surprised at the potential for garage sales in your neighborhood. Join some social media pages that give you notifications about local garage sales Where garage sales pass. You may have to drive some distance to get to some of them, but it’s worth it if you can buy bed frames, photo frames, coffee tables and other essentials from the apartment. For smaller items, like a flathead screwdriver, you might not want to bother going too far.

Check prices in advance

A word of warning here; some garage sales and thrift stores may not offer good deals when you compare their offerings to market prices. Before making a final decision on a sale, try researching the item in question and seeing how much it would cost online. If the price difference is not significant, it may be better to buy this item new. For more advice, check out this guide on how to shop for your first apartment.

Wooden chairs at table in bright open space with lamp next to gray sofa

When all is said and done, you still have to decide what furniture to put in your new apartment. While the ultimate checklist for the first apartment will depend on your needs and existing possessions, there are a few essentials to keep in mind.

You do not know where to start ? Let us help you make the process stress-free with the following ideas!

1. Configure an input

Even if the front door of your apartment opens directly into the living room, consider creating a small entrance space for everyone’s comfort.

This could have the following:

  • A storage bench: A bench with storage can serve several purposes in an apartment entrance. You can put your shoes in there, have a place to sit to put on or take off your shoes, or grab your essentials before going out.
  • A clothes tree: It won’t take up as much space as a bench, but it’s a great place to store your backpack, handbags, coats, raincoats, umbrellas, etc.
  • A coat rack or hooks: Most ordinary apartments do not have wardrobes. So a simple shelf is a great alternative. You can use it to hang your hats, coats, jackets, etc.

Other Entry Essentials

  • Small table: Put a nice dish or tray here as a tote for keys, chargers, phones, mail, and whatever else you want in a convenient place. For more storage, you can consider a console table with shelves or drawers.
  • Mirror: Having a full-length mirror in an entryway doesn’t take up much space, but it’s a really handy touch. This allows you and your guests to verify each other when you exit or enter. If you can’t find a full-length mirror at a good price, a regular mirror will do for finishing makeup touches, smoothing hats or tying a scarf.

2. Equip the kitchen

The kitchen may be the heart of every home, but maintaining and keeping it clean also takes a lot of effort. When you are in an apartment, try to minimize the amount of kitchen items and get only the essentials to get started. As you start cooking at home more often, you can always buy what you need along the way.

Here are some things you need to move into an apartment:


  • Multiple food storage containers: These are needed to store your leftovers or for any meal prep you want to do. Eating home cooked food is a really healthy choice. The right containers can make things much easier.
  • Spice jars: It may seem counterproductive to pour spices from their original packets into spice jars, but it helps to keep everything organized and in one place. A well-stocked and neat spice rack or cabinet can also make the kitchen more attractive.
  • At least one chef’s knife: No kitchen should be without at least one high-quality chef’s knife. The real deal may be expensive, but it’s worth it for the performance and durability.
  • Bar stools: If you have a kitchen island, bar stools can be a great investment. These could eliminate the need for a dining table and make it easier to eat together.

3. Personalize your living room

Close up of tulips on round wooden table in natural gray living room interior with sofa

Purchasing window coverings can help create a living room more private space.

Other factors to keep in mind include:

The seating arrangement

Depending on the type of space you have, an apartment living room needs chairs, sofas, and other seating options. If you want lots of seating, a sectional sofa could be the best. There are also convertible sofa options that can turn into a bed for guests.

If you have a small living room and don’t mind a casual vibe, poufs and cushions can also be very comfortable. For good seating, consider a loveseat, accent chair or ottoman.

Other Essentials

  • A range of tables: You can have a low table or at least a side table near the sofa. These are useful for holding drinks and books. Some table models may have hidden storage for added functionality.
  • The entertainment center: Don’t waste space or money on a TV stand; opt for an entertainment center that has more storage and functionality. Here you can store remote controls, video games, consoles, board games and much more. Learn more about fun things to do in your apartment

4. Create an office space

Real photo of dark interior with wooden desk, chair and computer in the study space in the middle

With more and more people working from home, a home office is often necessary for many apartment dwellers.

If you are one of them, consider the following:

  • Standing or sitting desk: A standing desk can help you stay fit and active while working from home. Some desks can also adjust in both directions.
  • Ergonomic chair: A ergonomic chair is a great investment if you have to sit for long periods of time. This will hopefully ensure healthy posture and reduce the chances of carpal tunnel syndrome.
  • Room divider: A first apartment is not likely to have an extra room just for a home office. In such cases, a room divider can be useful to delimit a defined space to carry out your work.

Sundries for your first apartment

A first-time apartment tenant guide should tell you a lot about moving into your new living space. Besides furniture, your first apartment checklist should include some important things like the following:

  • cleaning supplies: No matter how much or how little furniture you have, cleaning is part of life; make sure you have the basic cleaning products you need for an apartment for daily cleaning and deep cleaning
  • Window treatments: Although they are not technically furniture, they make your rooms more warm and elegant
  • Paper plates and cups: These might not be absolutely necessary, but you might want to get some for the first few days after the move when regular dishes are still put away (or if you want to avoid washing dishes for a while). time)
  • Adhesive wall hooks: These may be needed for most apartment dwellers; they’ll help you hang decorations, keys, clothes, and other items without risking your apartment’s security deposit

Ultimately, there are many things to do before moving into an apartment. Whether this is your first apartment or not, having the right elements is necessary for a comfortable living space.

Takeaway meals

Choosing furniture for your first apartment can be a challenge. Prices are increasing with each passing day, so we recommend buying used or used items whenever possible. It can also be a good idea to limit your furniture, as this is one of the best ways to reduce dust in an apartment.

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