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When you think of architecture, you can imagine the timeless columns of a Greek revival or the clean lines of a mid-century modern home. But for every style of classical architecture, there are some that did not stand the test of time. This is why you can sometimes tell exactly when a home was built based solely on its architectural style (looking at you, 1990s ranch). The trick to going from a trend to a basic style is to choose one or two of the elements of the style that you love for your home. Resist the urge to stack all the trends in one space. Instead, check out some of our favorite architectural trends of 2019 to see which features you’d pick.Monochromatic living room with large TV

Smart homes must combine technology with design. Image: Jodie Johnson / Shutterstock

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Hidden technology

Smart homes are nothing new in the world of technology and design, but architects are learning to get smarter about it. Today, technology exists as part of the design of the house rather than its main feature. Building smart plugs or speakers right into the home means you get all the tech you love without tripping over cables. It is also important that technology is seen as an integral part of life, rather than a complement. Expect to see even more solutions to keep the technology hidden, but fully functional.Living room and home office Flexible design allows homeowners to create what works for them. Image: SeventyFour / Shutterstock

Flexible layout

No two families are exactly the same, so why are so many floor plans the same? The flexible design idea is one of those 2019 architecture trends that we can really get behind. After all, it makes sense for designers to start to see that different families have different ways of doing things. The result is a flexible approach to design that leaves the details up to the owners. Creating rooms that do double duty (a guest room and office combo, anyone?) Or ditching less used formal spaces (goodbye, formal dining room!) Means architects can create homes where every inch is optimized for every family.Modern kitchen with stainless steel appliances Reclaimed wood and energy efficient appliances make a home more sustainable. Image: Artazum / Shutterstock


Designing for sustainability is nothing new on the architecture scene, but the solutions architects are using are for 2019. Sustainability is not just about using energy-rated appliances and some solar panels, but really considering the impact that has the building in the environment. . With that in mind, more designers are turning to locally sourced sustainable building materials to get started. Sustainability is being built right into the walls with more efficient fixtures and even interior green spaces. You may not even know that your architect is a fan of sustainability because great designers just make it a perfect part of their build.Little house in the mountains Houses are getting smaller by choice. Image: Ariel Celeste Photography / Shutterstock

Smaller scale

Just a decade ago, size really mattered the most when designing a home. It was about the amount of square footage you could get, which is why the real estate market is teeming with “McMansions” from the 1990s and early 2000s. Typically, these are homes that, while large, often come cheaply finished. or they are cursed with small batches. It is interesting to note that one of the most common architectural trends of 2019 is opting to build smaller. It is not always a question of budget; owners simply choose to create smaller footprints. This not only leaves more space outdoors, it also means easier maintenance and less maintenance. It also allows homeowners to invest in good quality finishes and furniture so their smaller home will stand the test of time.Modern house with wooden stairs Open concept houses can be divided with features like stairs. Image: korisbo / Shutterstock

Segmented spaces

We all know that the open home concept has been the gold standard for the past 10 years. After decades of small, targeted rooms, American families are choosing spaces that allow for more space and fewer labels. But while the open concept offers the most room to move around, it still has a few issues. There can be too much openness in a home, so architects have had to learn to create defined spaces without using walls. Segmented spaces, which use architectural features such as sunken rooms, the different ceiling heights and other features help divide the space while keeping it open.Backyard deck with sitting area Well-planned outdoor spaces are like an extension of your home. Image: Artazum / Shutterstock

Outdoor life

The backyard is no longer an afterthought. More architects are taking the time to design the living space outdoors as well as the indoors. Whether it’s a backyard barbecue space, a sunny pool oasis, or even a children’s paradise, expect to see more outdoor design in 2019. As architects consider how they families live and use their homes, it is more evident that the outside is as important as inside. Design a smart outdoor space and you will increase the size of your home without increasing the square footage. Also, planning the outdoor space as part of the design and construction means a more efficient budget. The modern farm is the hottest trend of 2019.

Modern farmhouse

For the past several years, the country house has reigned as the main trend. Homeowners love the comfortable warmth and architectural interest that country house design brings to the table. But there were a few downsides, including the risk of getting messy and cheesy. That’s why we’re not surprised to see modern farms take over the 2019 architectural trend list. Take what everyone loves about country house design (warmth, character) but use clean lines and architecture to ensure it doesn’t get clumsy and messy. It’s a perfect blend of two design styles to create something as functional as it is beautiful, and we’re here for that.

Using every possible trend in your home is what could get your design out of the “timeless” category. Instead, choose two or three trends that you would like your architect to incorporate, and then allow him to work magic in your design. When done right, your 2019 home can stand the test of time and always look totally on trend.


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