Where to Find Affordable Storage Units: Farmington Hills, MI

Americans, on average, to have finished 300,000 items at home they don’t need.

It creates problems. For example, 23% of American adults often pay their bills late because they can’t locate them.

More worrying still, the US Department of Energy reported that one in four homes with a two-car garage has so much stuff in it that it can’t even fit a vehicle in it.

The examples are endless, and we can continue by giving you stats on how people drown in things they just don’t need.

One of the best ways to manage items you don’t need is to move them to a storage unit. Storage units can also be ideal for keeping your belongings temporarily, if you are in transit.

Finding the right unit sizes can be overwhelming. You don’t want to end up with too big or too small a space, do you?

You can use Map Data 2021 Google, Map to find a suitable unit near your location.

Farmington Hills offers its inhabitants a plethora of options, when it comes to storage units. Whether you want temporary or long-term space, here you will find what fits your needs.

Best Places to Find Affordable Storage in Farmington Hills

If you have additional household items in Farmington Hills, it would be a good idea to start looking for a unit.

Even if your need for a unit is essential, find an affordable price one is critical.

With that said, where can you find an affordable storage unit in Farmington Hills?

Choose apartments with additional storage

At the top of your home search checklist should be some extra storage space.

Apartments that offer additional space will likely be cheaper than renting additional space elsewhere.

For example, if you have extra space inside, you won’t have to move around.

An example of this is Botsford Place Terrace Apartments in Farmington Hills, whose units have the addition convenience to come with additional storage cages for their residents.

With spaces ranging from small lockers to garage-sized units, you can be sure your items will have a place to store during your stay.

iStorage Self Storage at 28650 Grand River Ave.

IStorage self-service storage has redefined the storage experience by offering clean, modern and secure facilities to ensure the protection and security of your items.

The Farmington Hills store offers exceptional on-site amenities such as temperature-controlled units, drive-in access, and vehicle storage.

They are proud of excellent customer service because they strive to meet all the needs of their tenants.

Storing your belongings for a short time at moderate temperatures is different from storing them for a long time at extreme temperatures.

You don’t want your expensive device to rust and cause damage.

For one unit 5 × 10, you are likely to pay $ 74 per month, while an average unit, the size 10 × 10, will cost you almost $ 120 per month.

Public storage at 34050 W. 9 Mile Rd.

You will find units in this location ranging from boat units, car units, temperature controlled storage, motorhome storage, and indoor and outdoor storage units.

Self-storage units at Public storage will cost as little as $ 50.

To store the contents of a one-bedroom house, you will need a 5’x10‘ or 10’x10 ′ self-contained storage unit. A house from 2 to 3 rooms will require larger units, i.e. a 10’x15 ′ or 10’x20 ′. A 10’x10 ‘ unit here will cost you at best $ 150 per month.

Additional storage space at 38875 Grand River Ave.

Additional storage space is one of the most extensive self-storage facilities in the United States

Since its founding in 1977, it has taken the industry by storm. They pride themselves on providing clean goods and safety to their customers.

This storage facility also offers various warehousing services, such as RV storage, climatic storage and car storage.

All unit contracts are monthly, which makes it possible to increase the rent at any time with 30 days notice.

Prices range from around $ 120 for a traditional small unit to $ 390 for a large air-conditioned space.

It is more expensive to reserve a unit in store. You can usually to register about $ 60 per month, or $ 720 per year, simply by placing your order for additional storage space online.

Two types of storage units for rent

When determining what type of drive you need, consider these two types of storage options:

Full service storage

A full-service storage company will pick up your personal effects and deliver them individually.

A notable feature of this type of unit is that companies allow customers to schedule their pickup or return directly from their smartphones.

Hiring this type of company will save you the hassle of finding a moving company to transport your items to the facility.

Additionally, the company will take photos of the items in your store, and in case you forget what you have in stock, you can review the photos to view the inventory list.

Self-service storage

It is without a doubt the most common type of storage.

With this storage option, customers are responsible for delivering their goods themselves.

In addition, when items need to be picked up from the unit, customers do it themselves.

What you should know about storage units

Suppose you are wondering about choosing a facility, or things to keep in mind when selecting a unit for storing household and household items. In that case, the article below is worth your time.

Here are a few things you should keep in mind when renting accommodation:

Consider the location of the unit

The location of the facility, close to your home, is an important consideration that you should consider when choosing a unit for short / long term storage needs.

Storage near you will make it easier to access your personal belongings, while saving on transportation costs.

Some apartments, like Botsford Place Terrasse apartments, offer additional storage services, so there is no need to worry about location.

That being said, if your plans are short term, the location of the unit may not be a big factor.

Determine the purpose of the unit

Understanding why you need unity will help you establish the size which will be perfect for your needs.

If you don’t plan on accessing the unit until the next time you remove the items, you can go ahead and stack things on top of each other and cram as many as possible to make the most of the space.

Place the items you need access to the most in the front

Just because you have a unit doesn’t mean you don’t need a plan.

Arrange the elements according to access priority; the things you need most should be up front for easy access.

Look for a facility that offers adequate security

Safety should be a priority when looking for a unit. You want to make sure that whatever you store stays safe.

If you decide to visit the facility early in the morning or late at night, you also want to be sure that your own safety is guaranteed.

Maintenance of the installation

The physical appearance of the facility will speak volumes about the seriousness of the owner, when it comes to the care and safety of your items.

If you see a well maintained establishment, this indicates that the owner cares as much, if not more, about your property as the income generated.

On the other hand, if an installation is badly maintained and not lacking in structural damage, it is not a good sign for you.

A facility full of mold and holes, where insects can enter, can pose a threat to the plant. security of your items.

You should also take note if the establishment has taken care of any landscaping, such as having the grass mowed every now and then.

If you don’t feel well once you visit the place, you should avoid this one and find a well-maintained establishment.


To protect your items, you may need to purchase additional insurance from the facility.

Similar to renters insurance for an apartment, you need to make sure that your unit’s insurance covers theft, water damage, and other unfortunate accidents. This way, if your items are damaged or stolen, you will get proper compensation.


Near Farmington Hills, MI, you have a plethora of unit options to store your items.

Whether you choose apartments with additional storage spaces, storage companies, or air conditioning units, the goal is to find an installation that will guarantee the safety of your items.

Just because you don’t need them in your home doesn’t mean you want to eliminate them. We recommend that you find air-conditioned storage to avoid damage.

In addition, it is essential to understand the access times for the facility you choose. Search online and make an appointment, during office hours, for more information.

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